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Interplay of Life by JoJoesArt

Well first of all I don't usually give all stars of everything, but this is just perfect. And I totally agree to this, because I often thought about life itself. So well, let me explain why I gave you five stars on every points. First of all the vision behind this is so great, it streches further and any of us can imagine, because Life is life. Including the concept of Ying and Yang just made it very special. I also think that it is very original, well at least showing it in a picture like this is, although the concept itself is widely known in most of today's cultures. So well here you have five stars in originality ^_^
The Technique you used is amazing, the choices you made underline the concept very well, for example the very common and simple script, then adding the little glowing effect. :)
After hearing the song and reading through this again, I felt like it is very true and I had a great impact on me, and I feel like it has a very great impact on a lot of people.

I don't really think here is a lot to critique, so I thought you will atleast appreciate a lot of good feedback.
This is truly perfect in many ways. Thank you for sharing.

(Excuse my bad english please, I am sick and am originally german :XD: )
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